Our Mission

The Color Me Mine mission is to make the unique and creative experience of pottery painting accessible and fun for everyone!

Guiding Principles

  • Practice high ethical standards 
  • Respect people and their ideas 
  • Use education, training and recognition to empower team members          
  • Embrace constant change, improvement and innovation         
  • Be socially and environmentally responsible          
  • Achieve continuous long-term success and profitability for all stakeholders 

Practice High Ethical Standards: All our decisions as a company are based on what we believe to be legal, moral, and ethical. We are fair, honest, trustworthy, and always strive for the highest integrity possible. As an ethical company, we are open and not afraid to communicate. When in doubt, “ask before you make a decision!” Companies with the highest ethics survive for the long term. 

Respect People and Their Ideas: A business is a people, relationships and interactions. Clearly our most important asset is our people relationships. Everyone has the potential to have an idea which could have a major impact on our Company. It is for this reason we listen to what people say, give all ideas and suggestions serious consideration, and act upon those we believe will benefit us. We value the unique differences in people and believe that there is no room for prejudice. We have an open door policy both internally and externally. We have a positive, friendly and caring environment. 

Use Education, Training, and Recognition to Empower Team Members: Team leaders are coaches, leaders, mentors, trainers and motivators. Team members in a high performance culture have the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities. Team members contribute to influencing goals and objectives and give and receive support of fellow team members. We contribute to creating a positive and productive working environment. Team member development is an expectation and obligation of all team members.  

Embrace Constant Change, Improvement, and Innovation: Change and innovation are very critical for our future because change is the only constant in life. With change come two choices: we can resist it, in which case we will eventually perish; or we can embrace it, in which case we will survive and prosper. Our focus is on constant change and improvement. What we did yesterday is gone. We will challenge, change and find a better way of doing it for tomorrow. Innovation is the foundation of our competitive advantage and overarching goal. We will look for new products, new technology, new materials and new services to excite and satisfy our customers. It is okay to take reasonable risks, make mistakes, and learn from our experiences so that we grow and develop each team member’s potential.  

Be Socially and Environmentally Responsible: We are socially responsible in relating to our community and the people with whom we interact. We are environmentally responsible as it relates to our products in a local and global market. We constantly strive to ensure a positive future for our earth. Our work environment is as clean and safe as possible; we constantly work toward having zero accidents or injuries. Our Company constantly endeavors to make our community and world a better place to live. We are proactive and not reactive in responding to social and environmental needs. Team members are encouraged to get involved and participate in worthy causes.  

Achieve Continuous Long Term Success and Profitability for Stakeholders: As a company, long term success is our primary mission. We will be around for the next 100 years. Success is defined in these statements: 

  • Consistently practice the Guiding Principles.  
  • Satisfy our customers and stakeholders.   
  • Continue to be profitable. Profit is the fuel that allows the Company to benefit our stakeholders.