A New Shade Of Family Fun: Lakewood Sentinel

Lakewood Sentinel
Clarke Reader creader@ourcoloradonews.com
Lakewood families can have another creative way to be together with the opening of a new Color Me Mine location in the city.

Color Me Mine is a family-friendly studio where visitors can paint their own pottery at 7134 W. Alaska Drive. This is the seventh location of Color Me Mine in Colorado.

According to Mike Mooslin, the company’s president, the concept for Color Me Mine was created in 1991, and is based on the traditional idea of family dinners.

“Dinner was a time when families would talk to each other, and it’s just not as prevalent today. When we want to celebrate, we’ll often have a big group event and go to a restaurant,” he said. “This is the only activity that really parrots that — everyone does their own thing, but they’re still all together.”

Color Me Mine doesn’t aim for appealing to one age group, and Gloria Schatz, owner of the Westminster location, 14694 Orchard Parkway, No. 1200, said that she gets all ages coming through her studio.

The studio has more than 100 items people can choose to paint, as well as more than 60 colors to use and 22,000 images to help design the pottery. Birthday parties, showers, fundraisers and school programs can all be hosted at Color Me Mine.

Mooslin said one of the things that makes pottery painting a great activity is that it is such a universal thing — at least everyone has a piece of pottery. That is part of what has kept the company growing.

The other part of what accounts for the company’s growth is its franchising policy. According to Mooslin, getting owners who know the community is important, so Color Me Mine has a program where the store is built and sold to local owners, with the company playing a supportive role until the local owners take over.

“It’s a very service oriented, very wholesome concept,” he said.

For more information on the Lakewood location, visit www.lakewood.colormemine.com.