The Business

Franchise owners have countless advantages over similar businesses. Color Me Mine studios have an established system of operations from the moment they open. They receive comprehensive training and regular BUSINESS COACHING from experts so they don’t have to rely on trial and error. They become part of a team of savvy operators that log onto a secure intranet site for proven marketing materials, shared experiences and become part of a leading national name brand.

Color Me Mine offers franchise owners a LOW START-UP COST, in a business that is FUN TO OPERATE, provides a worthwhile COMMUNITY SERVICE and is very difficult to compete against.  This is all possible because millions has been invested to establish long-term stability through proprietary innovations, product diversification, centralized marketing, and operating systems that are all difficult and expensive for competitors to replicate.

Franchise owners also enjoy a LOWER COST OF GOODS and lower studio operating expenses than independent studios – even after royalty and national ad fund expenses. Additionally, with help from the best partners in the industry such as DISNEY®, WARNER BROS®, SONY PICTURES®, PIXAR®, UNIVERSAL PICTURES®, GARE®, DUNCAN®, SKUTT® and more. Color Me Mine’s licensed factories and supply sources ensure our studios of high quality products with a consistent clay base.